quinta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2008

It was a clever and hard game. Genuíno and his “Hemingway” CU7AX were “dancing” with the sea and wind hard troubles the way down south to Cape Horn.

Breaking News: Genuíno Madruga has overcome Cape Horn !

Genuíno Madruga, a 57 years old round the world solo experienced skipper from Azores Islands, in Portugal, always planned to double the Horn quite different, sailing east to west against the prevailing winds from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Today, January the 24th 2008, he got it.

It was no easy journey.

Before he crossed early morning this day the extreme south of the American continent, the skipper has fought day after day a week long against severe sea conditions, high waves and southerly strong wind.

It was a several days high tactical struggle.

We have seen since the end of last week Genuíno and his “Hemingway” CU7AX literally “dancing” with the sea and wind hard troubles on his way down south to Cape Horn.

Some steps forward, once again safe in a natural bay, some more nautical miles done, and once again waiting for an opportunity window that should be there, for the daring most.

It was a clever game, indeed.

And finally, it happened.

As a matter of fact, this Thursday morning he was offered not so bad sea and sailing conditions to pass the region, what sometimes may occur for a while in suddenly changeable short periods of very few hours during the Southern Summer.

And the Skipper was right there to profit them and round the so dangerous as mystical Cape Horn.

Sometimes in our life, we must do it in a cleverer than harder way.

Genuíno Madruga’ s 2nd world solo circumnavigation does teach us quite a lot on this and other matters.

Let’s pay attention not only to the main lesson Genuíno shows us, but also to the details.

We shall overcome, if we try hard and keep it cool in our mind, the goals quite clear, and the will to win the strongest.

Thank you once again, Genuíno Madruga!

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