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Breaking News: Genuíno Madruga has overcome Cape Horn !

Breaking News from the desk of The Expedition Staff supporting

Round the World Solo Genuíno Madruga

Genuíno Madruga is a Fisherman from the Azores Islands who has accomplished today Thursday the 24th of January 2008 his ancient dream and turned around with full success the mystic Cape Horn aboard his sail boat Hemingway. He is now the first Portuguese to get it ever in a Round the World Solo from the Atlantic into the Pacific Ocean. When he crossed the extreme South of the American Continent, the skipper has fought day after day against severe sea conditions, high waves and southerly strong wind, but this morning he was offered not so bad sea and sailing conditions to pass the region, what sometimes may occur for short and changeable periods of few hours during the Southern Summer.

Genuíno Madruga’s Round the World Solo did start on August the 25th 2007, at Pico Island in Azores. From that departing point he sailed south to Cape Vert Islands, Brazil, Uruguai and Argentina. Now after he has overcome Cape Horn, he will sail to the Easter Island, the French Polynesia (Marquese Islands), Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Australia, East Timor, Réunion, Madagascar, South Africa and Santa Helena. Arriving back at Pico Island in Azores will be as planned mid May 2009.

Genuíno Madruga is now a 57 years old man, and he is best known as the first Azorean and the second Portuguese to successfully ever accomplish a Round the World Solo Circumnavigation (2000-2002) aboard a fibber glass Bavaria type sail boat 11.1 meters/ 37 feet long, that the Skipper called “Hemingway” thinking of the world famous writer of the book “The old man and the sea”. On June the 10th 2003, Genuíno Madruga was honoured by the President of the Portuguese Republic as a “Comendador” of the National Order of Henry the Navigator. Along his present 2nd Round World Solo he also is an Ambassador in honour of marking the Centenary of Scouting.

Genuíno Madruga is however someone else than a normal skipper. On journey, he has established a new way of proceeding wherever he sails. He usually builds and keeps on new contact ties with the Portuguese communities in the world Diaspora. At every port he lands he always addresses the local communities and visits the historical main monuments, in an intensive exercise for better knowing and better understanding the culture practices of the different people he meets. He never forgets his own condition and personal roots as an experienced fisherman and therefore he always meets and tries to listen to and learn from the local fishermen, getting new experiences on the traditional arts of fishing and on the species they usually catch. He usually also shows the local people how the job is done as well as the know how of his fellow fishermen at home in the Azores Islands.

See please further news and information at Genuíno Madruga’ s Web Page: www.genuinomadruga.com

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